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Educational Programs

Normally, TRS offers educational programs to eligible members in our training facility at 55 Water Street. Due to the pandemic, we have suspended the onsite sessions, but we have expanded our online offerings!

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Advance Planning During Retirement: This program, designed just for TRS retirees, reviews timely topics such as beneficiary designations, Required Minimum Distributions, and online access to TRS accounts.

After-Retirement Earnings: Are you retired? Are you collecting your pension and planning to work after retirement? This program is designed for service retirees who are planning to earn income in New York City/State public employment. There may be restrictions on the amount you may earn while collecting a retirement allowance from TRS. We will discuss the waivers you may have to file.

Death Benefits Before and After Retirement: Did you know that the benefit payable after the death of an in-service member is different than the benefit payable after a retiree dies? In this session, we will discuss the difference in the death benefits payable for an in-service member and for a retiree.

Filing for Retirement Online—Tier IV: The easiest way to file for retirement is to use the secure e-form on TRS' website! This session demonstrates how to complete the online Tier IV retirement application and upload supporting documentation. For in-depth information on the retirement process, please register for Getting Ready for Retirement—Tier IV instead.

Final Average Salary for Tier III/IV: Final Average Salary (FAS) is one of the key factors that make up your retirement allowance. During this session, we will discuss how the FAS is determined at retirement.

NEW! Final Average Salary for Tier VI: Final Average Salary (FAS) is one of the key factors that make up your retirement allowance. During this session, we will discuss how the FAS is determined at retirement for Tier VI members.

Getting Ready for Retirement: This is a tier-specific program for members planning to retire in the next 12 months. The program guides members through the retirement application process, describes retirement plans and payment options, and explores some post-retirement issues to help your transition to retirement.

How to Apply for a TDA Loan: In this session, we will demonstrate how to apply for a TDA loan online.

How to Apply for a TDA Withdrawal: In this session, we will demonstrate how to apply online for a TDA withdrawal.

How to Change Your Address with TRS: Have you moved? In this session, we will demonstrate how to change your address online.

Introduction to the TDA Program: This program is for in-service members who are new to the Tax-Deferred Annuity (TDA) Program, TRS' supplemental retirement plan. The plan's features and benefits are presented, and the steps for enrolling are explained. Whether you haven’t joined TDA yet or you want to learn how to maximize your participation, this session is for you.

Retirement Payment Options for Tiers III/IV/VI: Did you know that you can reduce your pension to provide for your beneficiaries? This program will discuss the payment options that Tier III, IV or VI member will have to choose from at retirement. We will discuss the maximum option, choices that provide continuing payments to a beneficiary, and other options that provide for one or more beneficiaries.

TDA Options at Retirement: At the time of retirement, there are decisions you will have to make regarding your Tax-Deferred Annuity account. We will discuss the 3 options you have to make regarding this important source of retirement income.

Tier III/IV Pension @ Retirement (No TDA): We will guide members through the retirement application process for the Qualified Pension Plan only. We will discuss the factors that determine your retirement allowance, retirement plans, payment options and filing procedures.

Tier III/IV Service Retirement Plans: TRS members will receive a guaranteed retirement allowance under the Qualified Pension Plan after meeting certain age and service requirements. This session will discuss the available plans and eligibility requirements.

Tier VI—Planning for Tomorrow: Designed just for Tier VI members, this program describes TRS benefits, contributions, and services. The session also explains purchasing service credit, enrolling in the TDA Program, and using the TRS website to manage your account.

Understanding the Age 55 Retirement Program: Did you opt into the 55/25 plan earlier in your career? Or are you a Tier IV member in a 55/27 plan? This class reviews the provisions and retirement eligibility for each Age 55 plan. Only members who are participating in an Age 55 plan are eligible to attend this class.

What is Service Buyback?: Service credit is one of the key factors in determining a member’s retirement allowance. And increasing service credit means increasing the amount of your retirement allowance. This program will review the different types of creditable service and the options to purchase service.

Your TRS Benefits and Services: This is a program for Tier IV members with under 10 years of membership service. It gives an overview of membership benefits and TRS services and addresses key topics such as purchasing service credit, understanding TRS account statements, and using the TRS website to manage your account.

Onsite Educational Programs

We're sorry. Onsite programs are currently suspended. Please consider one of our online options.

Online Educational Programs

Members who would like to attend an online educational program must register in advance by clicking the link for each program and submitting the registration form. In addition, please view our video tutorials for using our website.

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